Tianjin Ada Hengsheng Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of electrochemical and electroanalytical electrodes. The electrodes produced are mainly used in the fields of electroanalytical detection, electrocorrosion, electrochemical testing, electrode reaction research, electrochemical reaction mechanism research, fuel cell, battery reaction testing and so on. Customers are all over the Chinese Academy of Sciences, major colleges and universities, and are also widely used in industrial and mining enterprises.

The company strives for excellence in product quality, and the combination of imported materials and advanced and unique manufacturing processes makes the products excellent in quality and durable. Coupled with good after-sales service, the product has been well received by many experts and scholars.


The company was established in


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Tianjin Ada Hengsheng Technology Co., Ltd.

Tailor-made a variety of electrodes and electrolytic cells is our business has been carried out, users according to the specific requirements of the experiment and our exquisite design, production, to solve the needs of customers. Up to now, we have developed array composite electrodes, electron mirror dual-purpose electrodes, mobile thin-layer cells and so on, which are favored by the majority of users. The company has also done product matching for some * well-known brand electrochemical instrument manufacturers for a long time, and the products are exported to Thailand and Singapore.


With the development of society, the development of the company will continue to build a modern enterprise as the development direction, take scientific and technological innovation as the leading factor, improve the scientific and technological content of the enterprise, scientific quality management to improve the competitiveness of products, transform the existing products, make them have better quality and more favorable cost, develop new products, meet the different needs of customers, achieve "winning by quality", and make the enterprise in an invincible position. In recent years, the application field of electrochemistry is getting wider and wider. Our company will also take steps to produce electrode consumables that meet the market needs of various industries as soon as possible. We will provide customers with more high quality products with sincere service. We sincerely look forward to cooperation with related enterprises, welcome people of insight to join and guidance, go hand in hand to create a better future.