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Technical Characteristics and Development Direction of Full Premixed Wall-mounted Boiler

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2022/05/25 10:15

In recent years, due to the good material policy of natural gas, people's awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection has continued to increase, and the wall-mounted boiler market has entered the development of highways.
Condensing wall-mounted boilers stand out with their green advantages and have become the choice for many families in winter heating needs! Then, let us understand the technical characteristics and direction of the fully premixed wall-mounted boiler!
In the past atmospheric combustion, too much air entered the furnace room (= 1.2~2 ), and the ginseng only absorbed heat, and the thermal efficiency was reduced.
The water vapor in the flue gas is condensed into condensed water in the low temperature section of the heat exchanger, which releases the latent heat of gasification and improves the thermal efficiency of the heat exchanger. In addition, the air entering the furnace room is greatly reduced compared to existing atmospheric combustion.
The smoke humidity of the remaining air is significantly reduced, and the condensation efficiency is significantly reduced. The thermal efficiency of the air combustion condensing furnace is due to the combustion and intelligence of the wind. Furnace with fog control. There was no change in combustion power throughout the process. In the early stage of heating, the rated power can be used for heating. Wind is controlled by wind and intelligence. The stove is controlled by fog. There was no change in combustion power throughout the process. In the early stage of heating, the rated power can be used for heating.
After the water temperature reaches the temperature, it is automatically converted to low power insulation to achieve constant temperature control. Through intelligent control, the change of combustion output adapts to the temperature change of water, thereby eliminating the waste of gas. Gas elimination and atmospheric premixed combustion is also called premixed combustion. The gas pressure is injected from the nozzle, and part of the air is imported through the nozzle until it is partially mixed.
A part of the mixed gas of the primary air is ejected from the flame hole of the burner, and the secondary air is introduced around the flame to form secondary combustion with the incompletely combusted gas.
The flame length of primary combustion and secondary combustion is longer and the flame temperature is lower. If the heat exchanger is not far (about 130mm), the flame will contact the heat exchanger to form incomplete combustion.
Secondary air from the replacement fan chamber negative pressure combustion heat density is small. The heat exchanger is heat exchange. Fifth, all warm-up modes are poor. The combustion mode is stable. Small combustion range. If the gas and air ratio is not correct, it is difficult to fire. Therefore, in order to make the machine work safely and stably, all the installation and adjustment personnel of the premixed wall-mounted boiler need professional installation and adjustment skills. The tempering of all premixed combustion has serious consequences, especially for metal fiber burners.
The burner is composed of a decompression plate and an outer net. When the roller burner has 3 decompression plates and an outer net plate mm tempering, the gap between the decompression plate and the outer net plate will deflagrate.
The metal fiber is close to the decompression panel and explodes by tempering the mixed gas in the decompression panel. Therefore, when adjusting the combustion state, please stay away from the tempering area as much as possible. The choice of hanging furnace is the main mixed wall hanging furnace components. If the selection is wrong, the whole machine will fail to run. The heat exchanger of the condensing wall-hanging boiler is composed of the main heat exchanger and the condensing heat exchanger. The heat exchanger of the hanging furnace consists of a main heat exchanger and a condensing heat exchanger.
The best option is to combine the two. This can reduce heat loss and save costs. The technical characteristics and development direction of the full premixed wall-mounted boiler If you need to know more, you can contact us at any time!

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