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The use of full premixed wall hanging furnace need to pay attention to matters?

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2022/05/20 14:44

The full premixed wall-mounted boiler is a new type of product that has appeared in recent years. It has been liked by many people. It is an independent heating heat output device with many functions. When in use, it can be set according to the demand. Comfortable temperature, but there will also be some things that should be paid attention. The following small series for everyone to do a detailed introduction. For the full premixed boiler this equipment I believe everyone is very familiar, it has a lot of advantages, so by more and more people's favorite. This kind of thing also needs to be paid attention to in many details when working. For example, it is necessary to check whether the water pressure gauge pointer of the wall-mounted boiler is within the specified range before using it, because there will be some air in the heating system and the wall-mounted boiler. When running, the air inside will be continuously discharged from the exhaust valve in the wall-mounted boiler, and its pressure will drop regularly, and when we warm in winter, heating inside the water heated expansion, the water pressure will rise, after the water cooling pressure drops, this is a normal phenomenon. In addition, the full premixed wall hanging furnace in use for its operation mode is also to be selected. General standard products have two different operating modes of heating and sanitary hot water. There are also two corresponding selection functions on its control panel. In the summer, we can make it in the standby state, only when using hot water to enter the hot water mode, and in the winter to choose the function of heating and hot water. In the absence of people, if you turn off the equipment and heat it up quickly after get off work, in fact, this is a less scientific method. Some people will think that doing so will save energy. Not like this, not only save energy, but also waste gas., There will be the possibility of freezing. Therefore, there are many problems to pay attention to when using the fully premixed wall-mounted boiler. If you didn't know it before, now you just take this opportunity to read. I hope that bringing these knowledge points today can help you, and you also want to know more information. Welcome to consult.

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